5 Reasons to Love Invisalign

5 Reasons To Love Invisalign
Posted on 06/25/2019
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Now You Can Love Orthodontic Treatment

Not every orthodontic treatment involves brackets that limit your eating habits and fill up your mouth with metal. Laredo Orthodontics’ Invisalign is a treatment you can love, and not just because it’ll straighten your teeth in a shorter amount of time. The following are five reasons our professional Laredo orthodontists, recommend this treatment.

1. You Have the Same Eating Options as Before

Invisalign doesn’t limit your eating habits at all. Because you can remove the aligners, you can eat essentially anything you want to eat. You’ll need to brush your teeth before placing the aligners back on your teeth again, so that sticky food you just ate will be cleaned away more readily as well. As your Laredo family orthodontist, we warn you to be careful where you place your aligner while you’re eating. You don’t want it thrown out with the trash!

2. Nobody Will Notice They’re There

Invisalign aligners are almost invisible. For patients who may have been apprehensive about the way orthodontic treatment would make them look, there’s no need to worry! With options in Laredo like Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, both teenage and adult patients can feel a boost of confidence when using Invisalign, whether their daily schedule consists of attending school, dealing in customer service, spending time in an office or the runaround of parenthood. 

3. You’ll Experience Fewer Orthodontic Visits

Unlike typical braces in which you have to visit the orthodontist for adjustments every month, Invisalign generally only requires you make a visit every two months. The exact amount of appointments and time in between will be unique to your treatment plan. If you suffer from dentist anxiety or simply don’t feel you have the time to make so many visits, Invisalign is a great option.

4. It Will Be Easy to Clean Your Teeth

Invisalign makes it easy to clean your teeth. You don’t have to weave floss in between anything and you don’t have to pay special attention to any appliances. Simply remove the aligners, brush and floss like you normally would, and place the aligners back on your teeth. While you’re brushing, you can soak the aligners in denture cleaner.

5. You Can Avoid Orthodontic Emergencies

Invisalign aligners don’t run the risk of breaking like other appliances do, which will keep you out of the orthodontist office as much as possible. Individuals who play sports or enjoy a good handful of something crunchy and gooey don’t have to worry that a bracket will pop off. Without the risk of these orthodontic emergencies, treatment is often less of a hassle and takes a shorter amount of time to complete because of the avoided delays.

Contacting Your Laredo Orthodontist

We serve Laredo and surrounding areas such as Zapata and Cotulla. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment or would like to speak with a Laredo orthodontist about Invisalign, contact Laredo Orthodontics today at 956-724-8391 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrea Font of Laredo, TX. We look forward to meeting you!