The Danger of Online Braces

The Danger of Online Braces
Posted on 04/12/2018

The Hazards Of Online Braces 

Why “Cheap” & “Orthodontics” Don’t Mix

In the past, if you wanted to get that perfect smile, the only way to do so was by going to see your local orthodontist for treatment. Whether you got metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign, you wore your appliance and went to follow-up appointments at the office until you finally had that brand new smile. Today, there’s a new kind of treatment that’s aiming to change the whole process, allowing patients to straighten their teeth at home without having to step foot into an office. This new treatment is becoming known as “online braces” or “at-home orthodontics”. 

Unfortunately, the emergence of this new treatment has only made things more difficult for patients hoping for a straighter smile, since online braces programs pose more risk than benefit when it comes to patients’ smiles. Our team here at Laredo Orthodontics have put together this guide on the hazards of online braces and at-home orthodontics. 

What Are Online Braces Treatments Like?

These programs are known as “online braces” since most of the time, they start online with you filling out a form with their personal information and address. From there, you get a box in the mail that contains an “impression kit” with everything you need to take your own dental impressions. Once the impressions are set, you send the impression kit back out to your provider and they start making your aligners. After a short while, your first few sets of aligners will be delivered to your door, which you will be able to put on and start straightening your teeth. You’ll continue to get more sets of aligners in the mail, with each set being worn for a few weeks before switching to the next one. The process will repeat until you finish up with you final set of aligners, marking the end of your online braces treatment. 

What Makes Online Braces Programs Dangerous?

The main goal of online braces programs was to create an effective alternative to getting treatment from an orthodontist at a cheaper price point. Unfortunately, they achieved the lower price point by making sacrifices in the areas of quality and efficiency. Some of the main risk factors and downfalls of online braces programs include:

  • The Absence Of A Professional - Whether you need help fixing an aligner that doesn’t fit and is scratching up the inside of your mouth, or you just have any questions or concerns about your treatment, online braces programs don’t offer you support and assistance that you could get from a professional orthodontist. Instead, you’re left to fend for yourself, forcing you to solve issues and just hope for the best results. 
  • The Gamble Of Do-It-Yourself - Orthodontists receive years of education and training to ensure that they can create the perfect smile, and taking impressions is part of that process that they have spent time practicing and mastering. When you take the impressions yourself for an online braces program, the risk of a mistake is drastically higher, which can lead to aligners that do not fit comfortably and significant levels of discomfort throughout the treatment process. 
  • Untreated Jaw Issues & Long Term Damage - Before many patients receive orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth with braces or Invisalign, orthodontists will perform corrective jaw treatment, since the jaw bone functions as the support and foundation for the teeth. Online braces programs do not diagnose or treat jaw issues, which can later develop into more serious orthodontic problems that require more extensive and costly treatment.

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