Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?

Will I Need To Have Teeth Extracted For Braces?
Posted on 08/15/2016

BracesWhen you see an orthodontist for an initial consultation, he will explain the course of treatment he recommends to correct your malocclusion. In some cases, this can include removing teeth. Orthodontists generally try to avoid extraction, but if there is severe crowding, removal of one or more teeth might be necessary.

Why Would I Need an Extraction?

If your teeth are severely crowded, it might be necessary to remove a tooth—or even more than one tooth—to make room for the others to move into the proper position. Sometimes, people even have extra teeth that need to be removed because they push other teeth out of position or have emerged in the wrong area of the jaw, such as behind, in front of, or above other teeth.

Most orthodontists avoid extraction before braces unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Some reasons for extraction include:

  • The jaw is not large enough to accommodate all your teeth
  • A tooth is misshapen or disproportionally large or small compared to other teeth
  • A tooth has become decayed or otherwise damaged due to overlap or malocclusion
  • Straightening all the teeth without removing some will create instability in the long run

Your orthodontist will do a careful, detailed analysis to determine the best option for your individual situation. You can also consult more than one orthodontist to determine what approach you’re most comfortable with.

Alternatives to Extraction

As a general rule, an orthodontist won’t recommend an extraction unless he feels it’s the best choice. There are other techniques that can help make room in the mouth without removing any of the teeth. The most common of these is palate widening, or using a special appliance to move the separate halves of the roof of the mouth farther apart, creating more space in the jaw. This is more commonly used with children, because the palate has not yet fused. However, it can be used in adults in some cases. If you would prefer to avoid extractions before you get your braces, discuss all the alternatives, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, with your orthodontist before you make your final decision.

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